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We supply all kinds of permanent magnets and magnet materials. The magnets various from NdFeB Magnets, Alnico Magnets, Ferrite Magnets, SmCo Magnets, Fridge Magnets, Flexible Magnets, Magnetic Assembly, 2D flat fridge magnets, Magnetic Powder, Bonded NdFeB Magnets, Magnetic Compound, Machinery, Magnetic Jewelry etc, which can be used for loudspeaker magnet, motor magnet and refrigerator gasket etc.

NdFeB Magnet Ferrite Magnet Alnico Magnet

NdFeB Magnet

Sintered NdFeB Magnet
Bonded NdFeB magnet
Injection Bonded NdFeB Magnet

Ferrite Magnet

Sintered Ferrite Magnet
Bonded Ferrite Magnet
Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnet

Alnico Magnet

Cast Alnico Magnet
Sintered Alnico Magnet
Bonded Alnico Magnet
Isotropy Alnico Alloy
Anisotropy Alnico Alloy
Injection Alnico Bonded Magnet
SmCo Magnets Flexible Magnet Fridge Magnet

SmCo Magnets

Sintered SmCo Magnets
Bonded SmCo Magnets
Injection Bonded SmCo Magnets

Flexible Magnets

Flexible Magnetic Sheeting
Flexible Magnetic Extrusions
Flexible Magnets for Micro-Motor

Fridge Magnets

Flat Fridge Magnets
2D Flat Fridge Magnets
Fridge Magnets Application
Magnetic Assemblies Magnetic Powder Magnetic Compound

Magnetic Assemblies

Alnico Holding Assemblies
Ferrite Holding Assemblies
Magnetic Base
Permanent Magnet Lifter

Magnetic Powder

Bonded Ferrite Powder
Dry Pressing Ferrite Powder
Wet Pressing Ferrite Powder
NdFeB Powder
Alnico Powder
SmCo Powder

Magnetic Compound

Extruding Fridge Strip
Dry Pressing Ferrite Magnet
Injection Ferrite Bonded
Injection NdFeB Bonded
Injection SmCo
Machinery Magnetic Separator Magnetic Jewelry


Test Instrument
Tesla Meter & Fluxmeter

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Jewelry

Standard Magnetic Bead
Bracelet for Men
Olive Magnet
Strong Magnet Bracelet